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Tallulah Moonbeam [resurrected]

Norsk Sagbruksmuseum, Namsos, Norway

Premiere workforce#1 11.7.18 at Norsk Sagbruksmuseum, Namsos, Norway

The corpse of a young girl is recovered from the marshes of Belarus. Next to her in the swamp is an equally well preserved cadaver of a cow. The bog bodies are taken back to the institute and forgotten in the basement. Slowly the spirit of the girl and her animal take over the building. Tallulah Moonbeam does not like to be dead. She haunts her surroundings, her old home and travels through memories and relations from her life.


Concept and Idea: Sonja Salkowitsch Costumes: Jan Liefhold

Devising Ensemble: Amanda Babaei Vieira, Benita Martins, Christopher Ramm, Clarissa Heisterkamp, Jan Liefhold, Lorenz Vetter, Simon Salem Müller, Sonja Salkowitsch, Tilman Gunz

© Simon Salem Müller - Amanda Babaei Vieira
© Simon Salem Müller - Amanda Babaei Vieira, Clarissa Heisterkamp, Benita Martins
© Simon Salem Müller - Amanda Babaei Vieira
© Simon Salem Müller - Clarissa Heisterkamp, Christopher Ramm
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