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    Das Revier, concept and direction with SV Szlachta

    April '22 at Kampnagel


    Die Ruhe, Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, D: SIGNA

    May '22 at Theatertreffen


    Shooting Störung, Kinescope Film + ZDF, D: Constantin Hatz

    Shooting Intermezzos, short film, D: Višnja Sretenović


    Shooting Sex in Deutschland, short film, D: Wanja Neite


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    Amanda Babaei Vieira is an actress, scenographer and sword swallower based in Hamburg. She was born in Hildesheim to parents from Rio de Janeiro and Sari in Iran. Among others she played at Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Wiener Festwochen, Theater Oberhausen, Kampnagel and the New European Theatre Festival in Saint Petersburg.

    As part of the art collective SV Szlachta she is directing the police show Das Revier at Kampnagel in 2022. Since 2018 they create immersive installations, following a virtual reality trilogy on transhumanism, ecofuturism and work ethics. A continous collaboration connects her with the danish-austrian performance group SIGNA. For a brief moment in time she had a drag band called The Nana Jamón Experience.

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